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The Black Russian Terrier does have some important grooming needs due to its long and thick coat. The best way to keep the coat in good condition is to brush and comb it regularly. However, it is essential when brushing the coat that it is brushed directly from the skin. The coat should be parted and the uncombed hair held down with your free hand to separate it from the hair that is being brushed. In addition, it is also very important to use a coat conditioner as well. This can be sprayed lightly onto the coat before brushing. It allows for easier brushing, removes tangles, adds shine, and alleviates dryness. This routine should be done about twice a week. It is essential that any hair is trimmed and removed from the ear ducts in order to help prevent Otitis. Furthermore, due to the fact that the paws are fully covered in hair, the hair under the paw can mat easily and therefore it is important for that hair to be trimmed on a regular basis.

The Black Russian Terrier coat sheds very little when brushed regularly. However, in addition to the regular brushing done at home, it is recommended that they receive professional grooming about every six weeks. This will help to maintain a healthy coat. This regular professional grooming will also help to keep shedding at a minimum. Stripping of the coat is usually not necessary unless the coat appears to be softer than normal. The Black Russian Terrier should also receive proper eye cleaning. The eyes need to be cleaned on a daily basis in order to prevent infections.

Regular bathing of the Black Russian Terrier is important as well. The dog should be bathed about once a month. It is important not to bathe the dog too often or it will cause dryness and irritation to the skin. The dog should be bathed using a specialty dog shampoo that is diluted. Human shampoo or liquid soap can be harmful to the dog’s skin condition. It is also essential to ensure that the soap is rinsed thoroughly because soap residue left on the skin can cause irritation. The Black Russian Terrier should not be brushed until it is fully dry due to the wiry and thick nature of its coat. Given the size of the dog, bathing at home can be difficult and so it would be acceptable for them to receive their bath at the dog groomer’s when it goes for its professional upkeep.


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